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Walsh Estate & Family Law

Practice Areas

Walsh Estate & Family Law practices primarily in Mecklenburg and Union Counties, focusing on family lawestate planning, and appellate practice.


We are committed to helping our clients navigate their legal matters, find solutions, and achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.


For some clients, that means crafting an estate plan, which will be tailored to the nuances of their family and assets. For others, it can mean the challenges of a child custody or divorce case. 


Walsh Estate & Family Law is your advocate and counselor, for today and tomorrow.

Divorce and child custody litigation

Family Law

Temporary Child Custody

Permanent Child Custody

Emergency Child Custody

Child Support

Post-Separation Support


Termination of Parental Rights


Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Contempt of Court

Absolute Divorce

Equitable Distribution (Property Division)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Prenuptial/Premarital Agreements

Post-Marital Agreements

Separation Agreements

Divorce from Bed & Board


Free Trader Agreements


Alienation of Affection

Criminal Conversation

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney

Estate Planning and Special Proceedings

Testamentary Wills (Last Wills)

General Durable Powers of Attorney

Specific or Limited Powers of Attorney

Healthcare or Medical Powers of Attorney

Advance Directives for a Natural Death (Living Wills)


Revocable Trusts

Irrevocable Trusts

Special Needs Trusts

Life Estates and Lady Bird Deeds

Free Trader Agreements

Quitclaim Deeds


Appellate Practice

Walsh Estate & Family Law can evaluate whether a judgment you received may be in error or is otherwise appealable. Call us or schedule a consultation to discuss the potential merits of appeal. 

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